What is a foam party?

What is a foam cannon?

What type of events are good for foam parties?

What do you wear to a foam party?

Do you get wet in the foam?

Is the foam safe for kids and pets?

Will the foam hurt my lawn?

Will the foam stain our clothes?

What is the foam made of?

Will the foam hurt eyes or skin?

Is the foam slippery?

What ages would enjoy a foam party?

Is a foam party good for special needs participants?

Where can I have my foam party?

When should I have my foam party?

Can I have a foam party in my pool?

Can I have a foam party at a park?

What surfaces work for a foam party?

How much space is needed?

How long is a foam party?

Are there rules to follow at a foam party?

How do you clean up after a foam party?

How much set-up time does it take?

Do you recommend a foam pit?

What do we (the host) need to provide?

What payment methods do you accept?

What is your cancellation policy?

What happens if it rains?

What happens if it's windy?

How far do you travel?

Do you rent your foam machines?

What are your prices?

Do you provide foam for multi-hour or all-day type events?

How do I book a party?

Do you offer other types of entertainment?